László Lajtha

Lajtha’s letters

(bequest owned by House of Heritage, Martin Médiatár)



  • Letters from the front line to his fiancée 1914-1918
  • Letters to the family 1921-1962
  • Correspondence with his editor, Alphonse (later Claude and Gilbert) Leduc 
  • Letters to Henry Barraud
  • Letters to Mrs Elisabeth Sprague-Coolidge
  • Letters to his son Ábel and his grandson Christopher
  • Letters to Lali Papp
  • Letters to Esteban Fekete
  • Letters to Gábor Radnai
  • Letters to János Weissmann
  • Letters to the Kazatsay family
  • Romain Rolland”s letters of thanks to Lajtha
  • Letters to Gyula Ortutay
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